Biohacking Resort in Apulia

Discover the First Biohacking Resort in Apulia: Sole In Me Resort Ostuni

If you are looking for a revolutionary wellness experience, the Sole In Me Resort in Ostuni is the ideal destination. Nestled in the beautiful scenery of the Costa Merlata, our resort offers you a unique opportunity for complete regeneration through biohacking, combining technological innovation and body and mind care.

A Biohacking Paradise in Apulia

Sole In Me Resort is the first biohacking resort in Italy, a place where nature and technology come together to offer you an unprecedented wellness experience. Our exclusive structure, nestled between the sea and the nature of Ostuni, is designed to give you a regenerating and relaxing stay.

A Regeneration Path Complete

Our biohacking path consists of four main points:

- Detox: Eliminate toxins from the body thanks to specific treatments and advanced technologies.
- Anti-stress: Reduce daily stress and regain your inner balance.
- Antiaging: Fight the signs of ageing with innovative treatments.
- Brain Power: Improve your cognitive abilities and concentration.

State-of-the-art equipment

The wellness area at Sole In Me Resort is equipped with the most advanced biohacking technology: -

Zerobody: An innovative Dry Float Therapy system that allows you to float on over 400 litres of warm water, without getting wet, for deep regeneration of body and mind.
- PEMF: Pulsed electromagnetic fields for cellular stimulation and treatment of various pathologies.
- Joov - Infrared Led: Red light treatments to stimulate metabolism, improve tissue capillarisation and treat numerous conditions such as muscle pain, alopecia and insomnia.
- Flowtime & Mendine: Concentration techniques to maximise your state of inspiration and productivity, helping you focus your mind on a single goal.

Biohacking Resort in Puglia

The Sole In Me Resort is much more than just an accommodation facility. It is a wellness oasis where every detail is designed to offer you an unforgettable experience. Our unique architecture, inspired by the trulli of the Itria Valley, and our attention to materials and colours create an elegant and welcoming environment.

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